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Neighborhoods can affect children’s health,” - Palo Alto Daily News

There is no shortage of obstacles when it comes to raising healthy, active children. A healthy diet and exercise is overwhelmed by the Internet, sugary drinks, fast food, and our fast-paced lives. Now, leading pediatricians are pointing a finger at the design of our neighborhoods as another impediment to raising healthy children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a policy statement several weeks ago highlighting how the design of neighborhoods affects our children’s health. According to experts, neighborhoods play an important role either expanding or limiting children’s opportunities for regular, daily physical activity. While a pediatrician can recommend that a child get regular exercise, taking this advice is difficult for families whose homes are surrounded by busy streets, broken sidewalks and few parks. Fortunately, we have been addressing this issue here in San Mateo County for several years.

 ”A Warning About Disaster Housing,” - Washington Post
Repeat of Katrina’s Diaspora Is Feared

U.S. authorities remain unable to provide emergency housing after large-scale catastrophes and must do more to prepare survivors of such disasters for permanent relocation, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general is expected to tell a House panel today.

Nearly four years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed or damaged 300,000 homes on the Gulf Coast and led to billions of dollars of waste in the diaspora that followed, federal homeland security officials could face a repeat scenario if another storm struck a major coastal city or a high-magnitude earthquake hit population centers in California or the Midwest, according to prepared testimony by Inspector General Richard L. Skinner.

Mental-health court for re-entering prisoners ‘long overdue’,” - Philadelphia Daily News

City and state officials yesterday announced the launch of a special mental-health court that is intended to reduce recidivism by helping mentally ill prison inmates transition back to society.
Mayor Nutter praised the program as another in a long list of innovative and successful First Judicial District specialty courts, which also include Drug Court, DUI Court and the former Eagles Court at Veterans Stadium.

“Some folks make some bad decisions or have challenges in their lives and find themselves in the criminal justice system,” Nutter said. “That doesn’t mean that they don’t need and deserve treatment with the utmost dignity and respect.”

Written by Keith Forest

July 8th, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Today in Equity

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Daily equity news

A Green Way to Dump Low-Tech Electronics,” -  The New York Times

Thousands still in FEMA trailers,” -  USA TODAY

The Metro Crash: A Nation’s Aging Transit System,” - Times Magazine

Written by Keith Forest

June 30th, 2009 at 3:43 pm

Did You Miss These? (October 24 Edition)

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A recap of this week’s equity news.

8,800 Road Home properties to return to private hands, ” - Times Picayune

Actor Wendell Pierce and trumpeter Terence Blanchard have come back to their old neighborhood, Pontchartrain Park, and are poised to take over one of every nine properties there — so they can build and sell affordable homes,
On Monday, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority will vote on an agreement to transfer 114 abandoned and vacant properties to Pierce and Blanchard’s Pontchartrain Park Community Development Corp. It’s a big moment for the star of HBO’s cop drama “The Wire,” the Grammy-winning musician and some of their childhood buddies and fellow investors, who want to return New Orleans’ first middle-class black subdivision to its pre-Katrina glory.

Homeless numbers ‘alarming’,” - USA Today

More families with children are becoming homeless as they face mounting economic pressures, including mortgage foreclosures, according to a USA TODAY survey of a dozen of the largest cities in the nation.

Local authorities say the number of families seeking help has risen in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and Washington.

ACORN fights back,” - San Francisco Chronicle

In the midst of the predictable partisan exaggerations, distortions and occasional lies that close election races generate, ACORN has become the focus of an extraordinary amount of attention over our voter-registration program. We submitted nearly 40,000 voter registration applications in San Diego and throughout California, and 1.3 million nationwide. In communities across the country, anxiety about the direction of our country, and more specifically our economy, is driving much of the interest in this year’s presidential election. Voter turnout is expected to be of historic proportions. What is surprising is that these attacks, issued from partisan sources, have become relentless, and wildly exaggerated. We’ve even been accused by some Republicans of causing the global economic crisis.

The truth, plain and simple, is that no illegal votes will be cast as a consequence of ACORN’s voter-registration program. In fact, illegal votes constitute fewer than 1 out of a million votes cast, and no illegal vote has ever been tied to ACORN, in spite of the almost 2 million registrations we submitted in 2004 and 2006. The small percentage of problematic cards that we have submitted to local election boards in 2008 - and that we are required by law to submit, even cards that we can plainly see are invalid - will not result in any illegal voting, contrary to over-the-top partisan claims. The irony in these attacks is that our registration drive and get-out-the-vote program is nonpartisan.